Tracking Behavior


After considering how our attitudes can affect our behaviors and mindset about a child’s challenging behavior, teams need practical ways to gather information about the behavior(s) of concern.   We’ve attached a Behavior Tracking Form that serves two purposes:  1) to identify the child’s behavior and, 2) to identify the possible function of the child’s behavior.  Introducing this tool to staff and planning who and when the form will be used, is a valuable next step in addressing a child’s challenging behavior. 

If you are working primarily in the home and/or want to gather information from the family about the child’s behavior in the home, we’ve included the “Home Observation Card”.    Ideally, working in tandem with families will give us the best information.  The information that these forms provide is a critical step toward guiding the team to the skills the child needs to learn and the support that will help the child begin to use these skills.  Collecting this type of information for 1 – 2 weeks should provide the team with the following information:

1.     Description of the behavior – its form.

2.     Function of the behavior – possible reason for the behavior.

3.     Maintaining consequences – the events and responses that make the behavior work for the child.  


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