Helping Families and Preschools Create Visuals

Give a person a fish and you feed that person for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed that person for a lifetime.

Chinese Proverb

In these tight budget times, one cost cutting suggestion was to encourage families to create their own visuals.  This isn’t for everyone, and doesn’t preclude our responsibilities in supporting families.  But some families may actually enjoy being a part of creating their child’s supports in their own way, and this could help them develop long-term skills to enhance their parenting abilities (teaching them to fish…).  In addition, families may be more invested in materials they create, increasing the likelihood that they would be used.  
We are able to create sophisticated materials using Boardmaker, laminators, and other resources.  We’ve also seen families use such tools as scissors and glue, finding images in magazines or printing their own digital pictures, using such resources to create routine charts, reward systems, visual schedules, etc.  In some cases, kids could participate, too– an art activity with parent-child interaction opportunities and a tangible product which has added benefits for the entire family.
Here are two articles from our PBS materials on creating visuals and social stories which may be helpful to families, to preschool teachers and child care providers, and to you, too.


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