Books That Promote Emotional Literacy & Social Skills


A resource that both teachers and parents may find useful in their classroom is the Children’s Book List from the CSEFEL website.   The resource provides a comprehensive list of books that focus on developing emotional literacy and social skills in children.   The following topics are included in this list:

·      Being a Friend

·      Accepting Different Kinds of Friends

·      General Feelings

·      Happy Feelings

·      Sad Feelings

·      Angry or Mad Feelings

·      Scared or Worried Feelings

·      Caring About Others and Empathy

·      Problem Solving

·      Self Confidence

·      Good Behavior Expectations

You may have copies of these books in you program’s collection, or you may  find them at your local library.  We can help families find them there, too. 


One thought on “Books That Promote Emotional Literacy & Social Skills

  1. I have compiled book lists according to these specific areas of social emotional competence; Attachment, Affiliation, Self Regulation, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution, Initiative and Respect (recognizing unique qualities in self and others). I also have lists organized according to specific developmental or situational adjustment (e.g. new baby, entering foster care, death etc. ) I’m happy to share with others, just send me an e-mail. Pam

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