Behavior Support Plan form

This Behavior Tip describes a new feature on ecData:  a Behavior Support Plan form.  A change in instructions from ODE requires that if the behavior box on the ECSE page is checked as yes, then a behavior plan must be attached. The form on ecData should make this easier, as well as create consistent behavior plans containing all essential elements.  The form was developed from positive behavior support training materials, so it represents best practice and is consistent with our PBS trainings.  The form will include fill-in-the-blank fields, and will look like this:


Name:                          Birthdate:                                                Site:

 Behavior Support Plan

 Behavior Support Team:

 [Include parents, teachers, service providers, and any other individuals relevant to the child, such as the bus driver, babysitter, etc.]

 Presenting Behavior:

 [From a functional behavior assessment, including triggers, the challenging behavior, maintaining consequences, and the function of the behavior]

 Prevention Strategies:

 [Ways to make events and interactions that trigger challenging behavior easier for the child to manage]

 Replacement Skills:

 [New skills to teach throughout the day to replace the challenging behavior]

 Response Strategies:

 [What adults will do when the challenging behavior occurs to ensure that the challenging behavior is not maintained and the new skill is learned]

 Safety Procedures:

 [If needed, strategies to maintain safety of child, others, and property]

 Data Procedures: 

[What data will be collected and procedures for collecting data, including who will take data and how/when it will be evaluated]

 Written by

Name:                                                                                                            Date:


Here’s a copy in Word (behavior-support-plan-form), so it can be used regardless of access to ecData. 


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